10 Ideas for Incorporating Fruit into Wedding Cake and Dessert Tables

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Evelyn Carpenter

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Whether you exchange your wedding rings outdoors or indoors, you can always include delicious and eye-catching fruits to your big day, from integrating them into your wedding decorations, to raising your wedding glasses with a fruity drink. Now, if there is something you can't miss, that is fruit as a finishing touch to your banquet. Check out the following proposals forincorporate it into the cake and the dessert table.

On the cake

1. In the backfill

If you want a wedding cake with a fruity filling, you won't find anything better than a naked cake, because in this style, both the cake and the filling are visible, you can opt for a filling with whole fruits or pieces of fruit. If you're going for a country wedding decoration or with bohemian touches, a naked cake with berries will be a safe bet.

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2. At the base

On the other hand, if you don't want to detract from the cake design itself or the cake topper, then border the base of the cake with small fruits They will give a very delicate touch to the cake, and at the same time you will be able to play with the colors.

3. Between floors

Alternatively, if you will choose a multi-tiered cake, is to decorate it with fruits in each of them For example, if it's a summer cake, you can put kiwi slices on one tier, peach or mango pieces on another, and top it off with raspberries on the top tier. You can choose to put a necklace of fruit per tier or just a few pieces, whichever you prefer.

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4. At the top

How about replacing the cake topper with some fresh fruit? Another way to incorporate fruit is to place it on top, for example, a couple of sour cherries on a minimalist white cake On the other hand, if the wedding cake will have a citrus flavor, you can decorate the top with lime wedges to preview what your guests will be tasting.

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5. With dried fruit

Especially if you are getting married in autumn/winter, a good idea is to decorate the cake with dried fruits. Its tones are ideal for the cold seasons. You can choose from figs, apricots or bananas, among some of the most common dried fruits, and, in fact, you could replicate them in some wedding decorations, such as centerpieces and flowers.

On the dessert table

6. Skewers

They will be a success if a chocolate waterfall is added as a complement to it Your guests will not only enjoy the fruit skewers, but will also be able to dip them in melted chocolate.

7. Macedonia

An ideal dessert for summer weddings is the fruit salad. It consists of a mixture of seasonal fruits, cut into small pieces, which tends to be garnished with sugar, liqueur, orange juice, cream or syrup, among other options. In addition, you can add two scoops of ice cream per cup. ideally vanilla, as it combines with all flavors.

8. Pancakes

Although pancakes are usually filled with a sweet, it is also possible to prepare pancakes with fruit, for example, pancakes filled with pears, strawberries or quinces. To give them the finishing touch, the can be sprinkled with powdered sugar or dipped in chocolate sauce. They are served hot, but the fruit makes them a suitable dessert for all seasons.

9. Tartlets

Perfect with a cup of tea or coffee, the tartlets - which can also be in mini format - will be among the most popular items on your dessert table, because in addition to the crunchy dough and the exquisite custard filling, the fruity garnish gives this preparation its own stamp Incorporate with different colored fruits, such as kiwis, berries, papayas and strawberries.

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10. Baked apples

Finally, baked apples will be a delight, especially if they will exchange their golden rings in the winter months. The classic recipe consists of hollowing out the apple, stuffing it with butter, sugar, vanilla, nutmeg and red wine, and then baking it in the oven. The dessert is served warm and can be served with meringue or caramel sauce. Garnish with a mint leaf or a cinnamon stick - a delight for the palate!

If you will have different desserts with fruits, use signs to identify them and, by the way, write a love phrase. You can also incorporate some fun wedding arrangements, such as placing the silverware inside a pineapple.

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