Eyelash extensions vs. false eyelashes for brides

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Evelyn Carpenter

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Although choosing the wedding dress will be your main concern, followed by the updo with braids you intend to wear, you should also worry about the makeup, because your face should look flawless.

And if you also want to highlight the look in your wedding ring posture, why not dare with extensions or false eyelashes? While the first ones give a more natural effect, the second ones give more volume to the eyes. Solve all your doubts with this versus.

Eyelash extensions

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By placing artificial eyelashes, this technique achieves the following results highlight your eyes with long, curved and flexible eyelashes. It corresponds to a personalized treatment according to the requirements of each bride, whether you are looking for a natural look, with effect cat eyes or more sophisticated. Your stylist will advise you on the extensions that suit you best. .

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  • How to apply : The extensions, which can be synthetic, silk or natural hair. of different length, colour and thickness, are placed one by one on your eyelashes through a very meticulous procedure. They are applied with tweezers and adhere with a hypoallergenic-surgical glue that protects the eyes from any possible damage.
  • How long do they last They can last up to four months, however, it is necessary to make a replacement or refill of the extensions maximum after two weeks, due to the process of regeneration or natural growth of the eyelashes. This process consists of reordering the units and completing the missing extensions. Remember that when an eyelash falls out, the extension will fall out as a result. Without fillers, your extensions will keep for up to six weeks.
  • When to put them on The ideal is to perform the treatment a couple of days before Depending on the number of eyelashes that are placed, the process of exchanging gold rings can take some time to get used to. can last between 40 minutes and three hours The procedure is painless for the patient.
  • Features Once they have been put on, you won't even notice you're wearing extensions They are also waterproof, so it won't be a problem if you get excited when declaring your vows with beautiful love phrases. The extensions are ideal for for brides with few eyelashes or short eyelashes who want to magnify their look. They add volume and length.
  • Tips Avoid contact of the eyelashes with water and heat sources in the first two hours after the treatment is finished. Do not enter swimming pools or sauna baths for two days after application. On the other hand, although it is not necessary, if you want to use mascara, use it only on the tips of your eyelashes, as it contains mostly oleic ingredients, which can cause them to fall out prematurely, unless it is water-based. For make-up removal, use oil-free tissues. .
  • Types of extensions There are several types of eyelash extensions, for example, the classics The synthetic eyelashes are attached to each of the natural eyelashes. Mixed volume The synthetic eyelashes, in which one, two or three synthetic eyelashes are attached for each natural eyelash. Russian volume The synthetic eyelashes, in which four to six synthetic eyelashes are bonded to each natural eyelash. And the mega volume ones If, on the other hand, you want a glamourous look, you can also use a synthetic eyelashes attachment, in which from six to sixteen synthetic eyelashes are attached for each natural eyelash, or, if you want a glamourous look, you can also use a synthetic eyelash attachment. you will be able to opt for eyelash extensions in different colours. such as blue, brown, purple, orange or even ombré effect, with a black base and coloured tip.
  • Reference prices : The extensions natural hair have a higher value than synthetics. The latter, for example, cost around $40,000 for the first position, with a touch-up after 15 days for $25,000.

False eyelashes

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Whether your eyelashes are short, long, thin or thicker, false eyelashes allow you to dramatize your eye makeup even more. and, in that sense, they are ideal for brides who will be getting married in the evening. Best of all, that you can implement them yourself and get an impactful look in simple steps.

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  • How to apply : The false eyelashes, which can be synthetic or natural hair are applied directly to the eyelid using water-based adhesives. You can choose individual (hair by hair) to add thickness to your natural lashes; by small groups which are ideal for giving length; and per strip which are the most used, as they fit perfectly at once.
  • How long do they last The average duration is one to two days .
  • When to put them on You should know that no one will do your false eyelashes better than a qualified professional. However, if you want to do it yourself, you can do it yourself, you should try at least one week before to slip into your lace wedding dress to get some practice and correct mistakes.
  • How to place them The first thing to do is to attach the false eyelash. over the natural ones to test if it is necessary to cut back Then, once they are cut out, apply glue to the base and hold them in place with tweezers. False eyelashes should be positioned close to the root of your eyelashes. The closer they are to the natural ones, the better the result.
  • Tips You can repair small imperfections with a few coats of mascara and eyeliner. In order not to be noticed, mark with eyeliner black the line of the mobile eyelid Cover the false lash line and finish with a coat of mascara; so the false eyelashes will blend in better with the natural lashes. To remove them, however, do it carefully and apply a little water or cream to facilitate the process. On the other hand, don't fall asleep with false eyelashes on They can cause eye infections or irritation.
  • Types of extensions Although the typical ones are black or brown, there is a great variety on the market in different colours, volumes and extensions. These include fancy eyelashes, which incorporate some kind of rhinestones, glitter or glitter, and which you could reserve just for the moment of the party or, for example, if you're changing into a short party dress in the middle of the celebration. If you can handle your posture, it won't cause you much of a problem. Now, the latest trend in this line are reusable magnetic eyelashes. You only need to place two strips of false eyelashes, one above and one below your natural eyelashes, which will be fixed right at the root thanks to the magnets.
  • Reference prices : Although it will depend of the brand you choose and the characteristics of each type. In our store, you will find sets of false eyelashes with values between $5,000 and $40,000 approximately.

Several weeks before exchanging your silver rings, ask your stylist to try out different extensions and false eyelashes, so you'll know which style suits you best based on your features, bridal hairstyle and makeup.

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