Who are the godparents for church marriages?

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Evelyn Carpenter

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How many godparents are there? What is the role of the godparents in the marriage? If you are planning to get married in a church, there are sure to be several questions that will arise regarding the role of your godparents.

The Catholic Church in Chile, although it requires witnesses, also accepts the participation of godparents from a more spiritual point of view. Solve all your questions below.

What is the difference between godparents and witnesses?

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The first thing is to clear up a recurring doubt regarding groomsmen and witnesses. A Catholic wedding requires the participation of witnesses on three occasions.

If you are not getting married in a civil ceremony, you must still request an appointment for the Manifestation and then for the registration of your religious wedding. At the Manifestation, you must bring at least two witnesses, over 18 years of age, with a valid identity card. At the Manifestation, the bride and groom will communicate their intention to get married, while the witnesses will declare thatthe future spouses have no impediments or prohibitions to marry.

At the time of requesting an appointment at the parish, they will have to make an appointment with the priest to present the Marriage Information. On this occasion, they must come with two witnesses of legal age, not related, who have known them for more than two years and who have a valid identity card (they can be different from those of the Manifestation). They will attest to the legitimacy of the union.as soon as both bride and groom will marry of their own free will.

And finally, during the celebration of the Marriage, at least two other witnesses, of legal age, will sign the marriage certificates at the altar, thus certifying that the marriage took place.

They are called "godparents of sacrament or wake". Although the witnesses for the Marriage Information and those for the signing of the certificate can be the same, they are usually different, since the former cannot be family members while the latter can.

Different types of sponsors


Since it is about a rather symbolic figure The Catholic marriage in Chile is allowed to have different godparents and, therefore, with a large wedding procession.

How many godparents are there for a church wedding? At least two, which are necessary to sign the marriage certificates.

But they can also choose "wedding ring sponsors", who will carry and give them the rings during the ceremony; "arras sponsors", who will give them thirteen coins that represent prosperity; "bow sponsors", who will wrap them with a ribbon as a symbol of sacred union; "bible and rosary sponsors", who will carry both objects to be blessed and given to the bride and groom; and "wedding ring sponsors", who will give them thirteen coins that represent prosperity; "ribbon sponsors", who will wrap them with a ribbon as a symbol of sacred union; "bible and rosary sponsors", who will carry both objects to be blessed and given to the bride and groom; and "wedding ring sponsors", who will give the bride and groom the bible and rosary as a symbol of sacred union.cushions", which will accommodate the kneeler in representation of prayer with God.

Therefore, the Catholic Church accepts how many godparents in a marriage? As long as they do not hinder the normal development of the ceremony, the bride and groom may have as many godparents as they deem appropriate.

The role of sponsors

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Whether they have a wedding ring or a ribbon, the groomsmen will play a fundamental role during the celebration, but beyond fulfilling a specific function during the ceremony, what do groomsmen do?

Undoubtedly, they are people who will be with you for the rest of your lives and every step of your marriage. In some of them you will find spiritual guidance and accompaniment. In others, they will be able to support each other in family matters, for example, in the upbringing of their children, or they will be able to take refuge in their godparents when they face their first difficulties as a couple.

Therefore, godparents should be chosen from among their closest family members and friends. Who can be my godparents? The "sacramental godparents", who are responsible for signing the marriage certificates, are usually the parents of both bride and groom That is, four sponsors.

But you can choose a couple of close friends, for example, as your "bible and rosary ring bearers" or just one person to carry the wedding rings.

Requirements to become a sponsor

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In addition to being the age of majority (or 16 in some cases), ideally, your godparents should profess the Catholic religion They should have their sacraments up to date and lead a life congruent with the mission they are about to assume.

However, it is no longer relevant whether the people you choose are a married couple, a couple of friends or the siblings of both parties. The important thing is that you maintain a close and affectionate relationship with them.

In any case, the requirements for religious marriage godparents Specifics will depend on the parish, chapel or church where you are married.

Unlike the godparents for Baptism or Confirmation, who have religious obligations under Canon Law, the godparents for marriage do not, and therefore are not required to attend preparation talks, for example.

Protocol in the church

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Finally, if you want to stick to tradition, you'll want to immortalize a triumphant entry.

Although the model may vary, the traditional pattern is that the godparents be the first in the procession to enter the church. They will have to wait standing in front of their seats, then the groom will enter with his mother, then the bridesmaids, best men and page boys, and finally the bride will parade with her father (or whoever she chooses for the wedding march).

How do godparents stand in church? The "godparents of the sacrament", who are usually the parents of the bride and groom, are usually placed in the side pews next to the seats of the bride and groom.

But if there are more than four godparents, they can also use the first seats in the chapel to place them. However, so that there is no confusion, let your godparents know in advance where they will have to sit. The couples of your godparents, meanwhile, may be placed in the pews behind the seats of honor.

As for the protocol for the bride, groom and groomsmen to leave the church, it will be the page boys and page girls, if there are any, who will lead the way. Then the newlyweds will come out, followed by the groomsmen, starting with the parents of the bride and groom. Finally, the bridesmaids and best men will close the procession.

The Catholic Church marriage allows godparents in different roles and all very special, from those who will sign the minutes to those who will carry the arras. But, in addition, if you plan to incorporate a symbolic rite, such as the tying of hands or the candle ceremony, you can ask one of your godparents to officiate that ritual as well.

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