The best tattoo ideas for couples

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Evelyn Carpenter

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Important dates, hearts and love phrases stand out among the most requested tattoos for couples. While some couples know in advance what design they will get, others take a long time to find the right one. Everything is valid. The important thing is to be clear that getting a tattoo as a couple implies a deep commitment.

Find out more about the history of this practice and check out some ideas that might interest you. Can you imagine yourself sporting one of these small tattoos for couples? There are many options!

Origin of the tattoo

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Tattooing is an ancient custom practiced by various cultures and with multiple meanings. The first evidence of a tattooed human being dates back to the Neolithic, after a mummy from 3300 BC was found with 61 tattoos on a glacier in the Austro-Italian Alps. From then on, there are many records of tattoos, from ancient Egypt and theIn the Middle East from 1000 B.C., to the Western world with the English expeditionaries in 1770, the sailors had contact with Amerindians and other tribes from whom they adopted this practice.

On the other hand, one of the most prolific tattooing peoples was the Polynesian and, in fact, the word tattoo comes from tátau of their indigenous Samoan language.

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Meaning of tattoos

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Throughout history, the act of getting a tattoo has been took on numerous meanings in the various civilizations Among them, it was made as an offering to the gods, for magical-healing purposes, as a ritual of the passage from puberty to adulthood, as protection against enemies, for war purposes, as an erotic symbol and to mark hierarchies. And although for a long time they disappeared, the great resurgence of tattoos in the 20th century took place in the 60s and 70s. The hippies elevated tattoos to the category of art, creating multicoloured designs and popularising them throughout society. In this way, tattoos had to undergo a long evolution to reach our days as a mere decorative art.

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Tattoos for couples in love

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Nowadays, the fact that the ink is permanent translates into a way to immortalize special moments in life And that's where the idea of getting a tattoo as a couple comes from, symbolically sealing their love through a very personal design.

To make this decision, yes, both must be in full agreement Many couples get tattoos before or after they get married, many do it when they get engaged and others do it as a gift in the months before saying "I do".

Ideas of tattoos couple in love there are many In this case, both will have the same design engraved on their skin, for example, emblematic dates of the relationship, beautiful love phrases, romantic designs or images of nature that represent them.

Nevertheless, there are also complementary tattoos For example, each person can tattoo half of a heart or a phrase that, when they join hands, can be read in its entirety.

They can also draw inspiration from their hobbies, favorite movies, favorite bands, professions, horoscope animals or other hobbies. Where to get a tattoo? The wrists, arms, neck, back and ankles are among the most popular areas of the body, making small tattoos for couples ideal, especially if it is their first tattoo.

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Love tattoos for couples

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And another very creative proposal, which is gaining more and more followers every day is tattoo a wedding rings, a word or some symbol This is a very romantic idea, but also practical, since you can leave the rings at home to avoid losing them, for example, to go to work, but also to show your marital status.

In fact, while it will be a delicate and subtle design that you wear on your ring finger. The fingers are one of the most visible areas to get a tattoo. Even so, you can uncover it and cover it whenever you want. A very good idea would be a tattoo of crowns for couples on their fingers. It would be a mini and very delicate design.

Are you looking for a setting for your pre-wedding photo shoot? If you are getting tattooed before marriage, take advantage of this instance to immortalize some postcards of anthology You can be photographed choosing the design together, in the process of realization and, finally, posing with your tattoo ready. Surely the studio authorizes them to perform this session that, in addition, will be very cool given the characteristics that usually have these places. Original photos that can then be used for the save the date or the part of marriage. You will surprise everyone.your guests!

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What to get tattooed?

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Love tattoos for couples can be of infinite designs and, of course, it all depends on the tastes of each one. These are just a few that you can consider, because it is something so personal, we recommend you choose a symbol, illustration or word that makes sense to them and have no doubt that you want to wear it for life.

  • The date you met
  • Something about the place where they met
  • The initial of everyone's name
  • The date of the marriage
  • The year of marriage in Roman numerals
  • The symbol of infinity
  • Yin and Yang
  • The tree of life
  • A mandala
  • Words or phrases that represent them
  • A key and a padlock
  • Two puzzle pieces that fit together
  • A bow and arrow
  • A rudder and an anchor
  • Red threads
  • The Claddagh Ring of Love, Friendship and Loyalty
  • Heart or heartbeat
  • Musical notes
  • A moon and a sun
  • An animal that represents them as a couple
  • The symbol of infinity

From mini tattoos for couples to phrases that represent all the love you have for each other, a very special symbol that could even be given as a gift before or after marriage.

Evelyn Carpenter is the author of the best-selling book, All you need for your marriage. A Marriage guide. She has been married for over 25 years and has helped countless couples build successful marriages. Evelyn is a sought after speaker and relationship expert, and has been featured in various media outlets including Fox News, Huffington Post, and more.