Rules of etiquette for the wedding cake

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Evelyn Carpenter

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Just like exchanging wedding rings or wearing a white wedding dress, the wedding cake is one of the traditions that remains in force, but in constant renewal. In fact, just as there are themed cakes, inspired by series or movies, others replace the figure of the bride and groom for signs with decorative love phrases. There are cakes for all tastes, but only one form ofsplit it, as wedding etiquette dictates. Take note!

Origin of the tradition

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While the gold rings find their origin in the Egyptian world, the tradition of the wedding cake comes from Ancient Rome, according to the beliefs of that time, the groom was to eat half of a wheat dough with salt during the ceremony (similar to a large loaf of bread) and break the remaining half over his wife's head. This act represented the breaking of the bride's virginity, as well as the new husband's headship over her.

The guests, meanwhile, had to pick up the crumbs that fell and eat them as a symbol of fertility, prosperity and long life to the marriage. Later, the bread dough evolved into a plate which was very popular in 17th century marriages. In fact, was known as "bride cake". The tradition continued until the end of the century, when the wedding cake as we know it today began to be conceived in Great Britain.

Originally, wedding cakes were white as a symbol of purity Only the richest families had access to buy refined sugar for its confection.

When to cut

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Although it will depend on each couple, there are two moments when this ritual is usually performed On the one hand, at the end of the banquet, so that the cake is offered as dessert, and on the other hand, in the middle of the party. If you choose the latter option, you should announce it over the loudspeaker so that all the guests return to their seats and pay attention. In addition, you should prepare the timing of the wedding well, so that the cake does not come together, for example, with the service oflate at night.

How to cut

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Although there is no protocol regarding the moment to cut the cake, there is a protocol regarding the way to do it. This is because symbolically represents the first joint task If the cake has several tiers, they should always cut on the bottom tier.

According to tradition, the man places his hand on his wife's hand so that she will be able to between the two of you cut the first slice of cake. The ritual indicates that the first to taste, immediately after the bride and groom, should be their parents, who are advised to serve them personally.

In addition to the knife, you can also use a spatula if you find it more comfortable to make the cut. In any case, it is best to practice the hand position beforehand. Now, if they want to abide completely by tradition This is a two-edged weapon that symbolizes power and spiritual wealth, as well as courage, strength and bravery.

Various designs

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Although the white fondant cake with multiple tiers is the preconceived image of a wedding cake, the truth is that nowadays there are more and more options From naked cakes and marble cakes, to watercolor cakes, sandblasted cakes and black cakes with slate effect, you will also find round, square, asymmetrical, hexagonal and with multiple decorations, whether natural flowers, donuts or signs with beautiful love phrases. And the trend of customizing them has long since reached the cakes, so you can also find cakes in black with slate effect.choose your wedding couple or topper with specific characteristics.

On the other hand, when cutting the cake, can be set to some special music and a speech can be made. They should also position themselves so as not to turn their backs to their guests, and the photographer will know how to help them in this regard.

Is it an obligation?

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While it is a nice tradition, it is not mandatory for couples to have a wedding cake Or, you can modify the rite by choosing, for example, a tower of cupcakes or macaroons, in which case, you could not cut it, but you could share it with your guests while maintaining the essence of this custom that dates back to ancient Rome.

Now, you may also have a basic cake with a single layer of sponge cake to make the cut. It will be a good idea if, for example, you prefer your family and friends to have a cake with a single layer of sponge cake to make the cut. take a piece in a little box home with you in the house In many cases, if you had dessert and a candy bar, the best thing to do is to offer the cake to go. In fact, instead of a wedding wrap or souvenir, you can just give the cake portion in a nicely decorated box.

The important thing is to be clear that the wedding cake is not an obligation and, therefore, feel free to have or not to have this sweet guest in your celebration.

Whether you decide to set it up at the candy bar or at a special table, the cake will have a prominent place in the wedding decoration, in fact, it will capture many of your photos, being as much portrayed as your silver rings or the bride's fragrant bouquet of flowers.

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