Reggaeton Playlist: 50 songs to liven up the wedding party

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Evelyn Carpenter

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Santiago was christened the reggaeton streaming capital of the world by Spotify, and the love for this rhythm is a phenomenon that is repeated throughout Chile, which is why we selected the best reggaeton oldschool songs, new hits and songs by chilean artists so you can have the best soundtrack for your wedding day.

Reggaeton Old School

Yeimmy Velasquez

None of the best playlists for parties can be without old reggaeton songs. It all started with them, with Daddy Yankee, Don Omar, Tito "El Bambino" and Wisin & Yandel, among others, and every time we hear these songs is impossible to resist the rhythm and not dance. These are some classic old school songs that you can't miss in your playlist .

  • 1. Tell Her - Don Omar
  • 2. Mischief Night - Héctor "El Father" - Hector "El Father
  • 3. Noche de Sexo - Wisin & Yandel, Romeo Santos
  • 4. Baila Morena - Hector & Tito, Luny Tunes, Noriega
  • 5. Poor Man's Love - Eddie Dee, Zion
  • 6. Pam Pam - Wisin & Yandel
  • 7. Noche de Entierro - Daddy Yankee, Héctor "El Father", Luny Tunes, Tainy Tunes, Tonny Tun Tun, Wisin & Yandel, Zion
  • 8. Block Sensation - De La Ghetto
  • 9. Virtual Diva - Don Omar
  • 10. Permitame - Tony Dize. Yandel
  • 11. Break Up - Daddy Yankee
  • 12. Emergency Call - Daddy Yankee
  • 13. Gasolina - Daddy Yankee
  • 14. If I don't answer - Plan B
  • 15. Koduro Dance - Don Omar, Lucenzo
  • 16. The Doctorate - Tony Dize
  • 17. Your Prince - Daddy Yankee, Zion & Lennox
  • 18. I Wanna Dance - Ivy Queen
  • 19. The Sun Is Out - Don Omar
  • 20. My Bed Smells Like You - Tito "El Bambino", Zion Lennox

New successes


Over the last few years reggaeton has changed, both in style and subject matter, combining influences from trap, electronic music and other Latin rhythms such as bossa nova, creating reggaeton songs to dedicate and others to dance down to.

Some of the most popular artists are Bad Bunny, J Balvin, Karol G and Ozuna. If you want to expand the selection of artists, these are the ones you can't miss to party all night long.

  • 21. Moscow Mule - Bad Bunny
  • 22. Provence - Karol G
  • 23. Desperate - Rauw Alejandro, Chencho Corleone
  • 24. Rumbatón - Daddy Yankee
  • 25. Tacones Rojos - Sebastián Yatra
  • 26. All of you - Rauw Alejandro
  • 27. I Refuse - Danny Ocean
  • 28. Off the market - Danny Ocean
  • 29. Bachelorette Party - Dayanara
  • 30. Wrap - Anitta
  • 31. Pepas - Farruko
  • 32. Tiago PZK: Bzrp Music Sessions, Vol. 48 - Bizarrap. Tiago PZK
  • 33. Yonaguni - Bad Bunny
  • 34. Saoko - Rosalia
  • 35. El Incomprendido - Dj Adoni, Farruko, Victor Cardenas
  • 36. In Da Getto - J Balvin, Skrillex
  • 37. Del Mar - Ozuna, Doja Cat, Sia
  • 38. Location - Karol G, Annual AA, J Balvin
  • 39. Hecha Pa' Mi - Boza
  • 40. Couple of the Year - Sebastian Yatra, Mike Towers


The Fly Photo

Chilean reggaeton is in its best moment With new hits appearing every week and with its main artists touring every corner of Chile singing their songs, only during the year 2021, the playlist will be played by Chilean Reggaeton If you want to have a party with new reggaeton songs, these are some of the ones you can't miss.

  • 41. I Want To See You (feat. Polimá Westcoast y Young Cister) - Ceaese
  • 42. Ultra Solo Remix - De La Ghetto, Feid, Pailita, Paloma Mami, Polimá Westcoast
  • 43. A Night in Medellin - Cris Mj
  • 44. Panamera - Standly
  • 45. Stick - Standly
  • 46. SEXTIME - Cris Mj, Polimá Westcoast, Young Cister
  • 47. Don't fall in love - Paloma Mami
  • 48. Give It To Me - Cease feat. DrefQuila & THAT
  • 49. Acelero - Princess Alba
  • 50. Hookah & Sheridan's - Tommy Boysen

So that everyone can enjoy the party, avoid saturating it with one style of music and ask the DJ to combine the best of reggaeton with other rhythms. You're all set! It's just a matter of playing the music and enjoying your celebration.

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