Plus Size Wedding Dresses: Tips for Choosing the Right One

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Evelyn Carpenter


You are wrong if you think that the task will be more difficult because it is a dress in large sizes. Today the offer is varied, so start discarding the idea of dieting to opt for a smaller size.

Where to find plus size dresses? What do these designs look like? Solve all your doubts below.

Browse catalogs

Even if you wear dresses on a day-to-day basis, nothing compares to a wedding gown, so it's a good idea to look through catalogues before you go out to try them on, so you'll have some ideas in mind.

For example, Do you like loose-fitting dresses or tighter dresses? Do you go for simple or dream of a dress with 3D embroidery and rhinestones? Do you prefer a V-neckline or a strapless one?

Although you may change your mind as you go through the process, it will still be good to have certain concepts clear to guide your search.

Sottero and Midgley

Search in specialized stores

Although they are not yet in the majority, there are stores that specialize in plus size wedding dresses. from XL to 5XL even.

In this way, you can choose from the designs that are in the catalogs, or have your dress made to measure.

There are ateliers that are dedicated specifically to making dresses for curvy brides, where you will have all the advice to create the dress of your dreams.

And although it is also possible to buy cheap plus size wedding dresses through online platforms, it is not the most advisable, since you will not be able to try them on.

Start early

The ideal is that you start the search for your plus size dress. at least six months in advance of the marriage .

If you buy it from a catalogue, there will usually be some details to touch up, but you will need more time if you have it made, because you will have to consider the proofs and later adjustments.

And, even if you intend to rent, whether for budget or practicality, you'll still have to try on those used plus size wedding dresses until you find the right one.

Remember that the more time you spend finding the dress, the more satisfied you will be with the final result, and the more you will enjoy the process!


Go accompanied

Whether you buy it ready-made or have it made, it's always helpful to have an outside opinion.

That's why, when you go out to try on plus size wedding dresses or talk to your dressmaker, it's important that you go to the dressmaker's office and ask them to help you with your wedding dresses. accompanied by a friend or family member you trust completely. .

It can be your mother and your best friend, for example, if you want the opinion of two generations, but don't go with more than two people, otherwise you might get more confused.

What options are there for plus size brides?

Loose-fitting dresses

If you want to move freely in a loose-fitting dress, there are several alternatives to choose from. For example, if you like the Hellenic style, the empire cut is one of the most popular cuts. The waist is high and short just below the bust, from where the skirt flows, and these designs are often made in pleated fabrics, such as chiffon or bambula, which provide a few extra centimeters.

But if you're classic or more romantic, then don't hesitate to choose a princess cut design. Whether it's with a stiff mikado skirt or a flowing one with layers of tulle, you'll steal the show.

Do you prefer a casual style? If so, plus size A-line wedding dresses will be your best option. They are usually boho chic inspired designs.

White One

Close-fitting dresses

On the other hand, if you're eager to show off your curves on the big day, then your dress should be a mermaid silhouette, either crepe or lace, among other moldable fabrics.

And if you are looking for tips to feel even more comfortable, choose a model with draping at the waist, lean towards pieces with fishtail marked to balance with your top and privilege wedding dresses for chubby with sleeves over thin straps.

However, if you want to enhance your silhouette, but without the fabric clinging, go for a straight cut dress.

Maggie Sottero

Short dresses

Especially if you're getting married in the spring/summer, another idea is to explore between short dresses in plus size or midi dresses .

And among other trends, you can find from short, loose-fitting, tunic-style models to midi designs with A-line or fitted skirts.

If you are looking for plus size civil wedding dresses, the short or midi designs are ideal, as they are still elegant but have a slightly more casual feel.

Colorful dresses

On the other hand, if you are looking for a way to make a difference, a good idea is to select a design in an alternative shade to white For example, in vanilla, champagne, beige, ivory, nude or pale pink.

Any of these colors are very flattering for curvy brides, whether in voluminous or lighter fabrics.

Or, if you will focus your search on simple plus size wedding dresses, for example, in a plain fabric, choosing it in a different color will contrast its simplicity.

With which accessories

If your desire has always been to wear a princess cut dress with a sweetheart neckline If you want to wear a bolero, perhaps you could add a fine bolero just for the church ceremony, so that once the banquet begins, you can shed that piece and be more comfortable for everything that is to come.

Or, if you prefer to surprise with a double look, another option is that you choose a mermaid silhouette dress, but you wear it with an overskirt This way you will wear one model during the wedding ceremony, and a different one during the reception and the party.

Depending on your style, you can also complement your look with a veil, cape, detachable sleeves, gloves or a bow. among other bridal fashion accessories.

If you're looking for plus size dresses for women, you'll find the most varied trends, from very sophisticated designs to more casual models, you'll dazzle with an outfit that fits you! And if you're looking for inspiration, don't miss our wedding dresses catalogue!

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