Neon signs to decorate your marriage

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Evelyn Carpenter

Just like the giant luminous letters, neon signs stand out among the new trends in wedding decoration, a proposal that will enhance common spaces, whether you will exchange your golden rings outdoors or in an enclosed room. If you like the idea, check here all the alternatives you can find, from signs with love phrases, to designs that will make you feel at home.that incorporate images.

At the reception

Replace traditional rustic chalkboards with fluorescent posters to welcome guests They can be hanging posters or mounted on a lectern, the latter ideal for the entrance of the living room.

An altar in full color

Will you exchange your silver rings in a civil ceremony? Yes, I will, will be able to give life to their own altar For example, if you're setting up an arch with fabric and flowers, you can put a sign behind it that says "Here begins the happily ever after". The photos will look beautiful!

"To leave everything on the track"

If you will have several sectors in your celebration, you can use neon signs for signage For example, the lounge area, the bar, the Candy Bar, the pool, the dance floor or the table with the wedding cake. You can follow all the same style, or mix different fonts and colors in these posters. Also, if you define a hashtag for the wedding, use one of these signs to make it visible to everyone.

Cool photocall

Whatever backdrop you set up to take the official photos, a neon sign will only add to the will bring style and glamour to your photocall. You can choose a romantic text, or a sign with the date of the wedding to be immortalized in the images. Some signs incorporate little figures, such as hearts, stars, arrows and even emoticons.

Table of honor

Will you opt for a sweetheart table, if instead of a presidential table you will set up a table exclusively for the bride and groom? give it a personal touch with a sign including initials, nicknames, the traditional "Mr. and Mrs." or a beautiful phrase of love, for example, "together forever" or "our love will be legend", among many others.

For urban marriages

While it is possible to incorporate neon signs into all types of weddings, there are some weddings where they fit especially well. This is the case of industrial marriages These signs look spectacular on bare brick walls, which are typical of this trend, and the yellow, red or orange letters look perfect on the brick.


Finally, if you're going for a country or boho-inspired wedding decoration, neon signs will be the perfect choice. will serve to mark contrasts in your decoration These fluorescent posters look great interspersed with floral arrangements or on vertical plants, among other options, and if you can even hang them from trees, you'll get even more beautiful postcards.

Although they are perfect for exchanging wedding rings at night, as they stand out more, the truth is that these neon signs are very adaptable, a proposal with which you can give a personal stamp to your wedding, either by writing short love phrases or song titles like "Love is in the air".

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