Mon Laferte married her Amor Completo

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Evelyn Carpenter

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Surrounded by their friends, the couple tied the knot in early October in Tepoztlán, a town south of Mexico City, with an outdoor ceremony that was filled with music and joy.

Mon revealed this news to his fans via his Instagram only saying "I do, I love you Joel. To infinity and beyond." and with two photos In the first one she appears walking with her husband, producer and manager, Joel Orta, smiling as the rice falls. In the second one you can see the couple embracing and dancing in the middle of a dance floor. A completely radiant and happy Mon taking this important step with the one who is the father of her son and has been her partner for several years.

The dresses


While there are few images we have seen of the marriage of Mon, the dress she chose is perfect for her signature style With long sleeves and a sweetheart neckline, covered in lace and a large veil, the singer's dress is romantic and elegant, with vintage touches that are very classic on her.

Although later, in the second photo of the couple dancing, you can see what would be a second wedding dress One of smooth chiffon fabric, with a wide and light fall and long puffed sleeves that end in open cuffs. Very vintage.

Long sleeve dresses are perfect for outdoor weddings. Are you planning your wedding for the fall of 2023? Here are some ideas to replicate this look.


This Milla Nova model is an alternative to adapt lace and long sleeves in a very elegant and chic way. With a swan neckline and a large tulle skirt, it creates a classic silhouette like something out of a fairy tale.

If you're looking for a slightly sexier model, the Flavia model by Eva Lendel is perfect for you. With a slightly deeper sweetheart neckline and detachable sleeves that allow you to transform in a matter of seconds.


While if you're looking for a dress with puffed sleeves and a wide drape, Daria Karlozi's Arados dress is a perfect example to wear. sleeves that become the protagonist of the wedding dress. Whereas Ronald Joyce's design shows all the romanticism that sleeves can add to a dress.

We love seeing Mon happy and radiant, we already want to hear the love songs they're going to write after this big day. And you, do you want to see more long sleeve dresses to replicate the singer's look? Visit our wedding dresses catalogue for more inspiration.

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