Make your own dolls for the wedding cake

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Evelyn Carpenter

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There are several options to give life to the bride and groom on the cake, from betting on plastic figures to others that are edible. What matters is that these figures can not be chosen at random and, on the contrary, must represent the newlyweds, either through the costumes or alluding, for example, to their hobbies or trades.

Remember that the cutting of the cake is one of the most photographed moments in the wedding and, therefore, it is key to choose the ideal bride and groom figurines. Also, if your celebration is dominated by a specific theme or style, don't hesitate to adapt it to your figurines as well.

Over time the designs have diversified to satisfy even the most eccentric tastes of couples, who will undoubtedly keep these dolls as a precious souvenir of their wedding.

A very common proposal are the bride and groom figurines made of cold porcelain, which will give a delicate, tender and elegant touch to your wedding cake. Every detail will make these little dolls unique and you will fall in love with them from the first moment.

And another option that doesn't fail are the figurines made of fondant or polymer clay. If you want to make your own bride and groom for the cake, here is a simple recipe with this craft.

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Recipe with polymer clay

  • 1. Draw the bride and groom on a piece of paper with the approximate size for the figures, and make a skeleton out of wire and aluminum foil.
  • 2. Start layering the clay into the desired shape.
  • 3. The heads are best done separately to be able to detail the faces well.
  • 4. Once ready, attach the heads to the bodies very carefully, as the polymer clay remains soft and malleable until it goes through the baking process.
  • 5. Attach accessories, such as veils and moustaches, and add finishing touches to the figures.
  • 6. After baking (about 30 minutes at 130º) and when the bride and groom are cold, the eyes, mouth, blushers and other elements are painted.
  • 7. Apply a coat of protective varnish and that's it! You'll have a beautiful souvenir and best of all, made by you!

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Other options


If you are not convinced by the option of fondant or polymer clay, there are other proposals to give life to the bride and groom of the cake, for example, using the Japanese technique known as Amigurumi. The Amigurumis are little dolls knitted to crochet If you choose this option, you will fill your wedding cake with tenderness and charm, and you will be able to personalize it as you wish with tiny details such as her bouquet of flowers or his pin.


Another tempting alternative for some couples is to choose or prepare edible white or dark chocolate dolls, whose details can be painted with food coloring paste. A creative and delicious idea that everyone will love.


The personalized caricatures in plasticine are another alternative that is very fashionable, as well as using photographs of the bride and groom and printing them on a hard paper, such as American paper, and then paste the faces on the figures.

The main thing, as we said, is that these figurines represent the essence of the brand new husband and wife, and the possibilities are endless, from the most classic bride and groom holding hands, to other innovative positions such as her dragging her partner by the jacket or pulling him by the shirt. From characterizations of trades to cartoons like Minnie and Mickey.From the dolls riding a motorbike, to the ones accompanied by your child or your pet, from the little birds in love to a couple of rockers.

As you will see, it's all about creativity and the style you want to give to your figurines, which can even be a replica of your own. It is a beautiful tradition that is maintained over the years and, although it is renewed in trends, it never goes out of fashion.

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