Love is all around! Or how to decorate your wedding with hearts in an original way

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Evelyn Carpenter

If you want to give a particular seal to your wedding decoration you can do it by incorporating one of the most representative symbols of love: hearts. A motif that speaks for itself and that will go well in any type of celebration, whether boho-chic inspired or classic. If you do not know how, here are eight proposals that will help you get inspired. The important thing is thatchoose only a few so as not to fall into excess.

1. Arch for the altar

If you want to give a very romantic touch to your wedding, go for a heart-shaped arch of roses for the altar. You can make it with dry branches and intertwine the flowers with vaporous fabrics or eucalyptus vines, among other options.

2. Confetti

Instead of rice, petals or bubbles, there is also the option of having the guests throw confetti after declaring "I do". And if you also want to save money, what better way to do it yourself in DIY format. For example, taking the mold of a heart, use different colored papers to create your confetti. It can be metallic paper in red, pink and white colors.

3. Bride and groom chairs

Wicker wedding arrangements are very trendy and, among others, the hearts made with this natural fiber are used to decorate the bride and groom's chairs. Especially if you will have a sweetheart table, it will be a very nice detail, which will also give a rustic touch to your celebration.

4. Racks

Wooden rings with embroidered fabric have become a must, among other things, to carry wedding rings. You can choose one in tulle, lace, cotton or burlap, embroidering on them a heart accompanied by a beautiful phrase of love. In addition to the practical function that will fulfill the frame, it will be a nice souvenir that you can treasure of your big day. And if you like the style, you can alsoinclude racks as table markers and placeholders.

5. Banners and wreaths

Especially if you are going for a country wedding decoration, use jute banners with painted red hearts, which will look very eye-catching. With them you can decorate various spaces, such as the dining area or the bar. However, if you are planning a wedding with vintage touches, a garland with hearts in patchwork fabric will fit in perfectly with the desired style.

6. Curtains

Curtains of hearts are another option to decorate your wedding, from curtains with white lace hearts or origami figures, to designs made in eva rubber or frosted cardboard. Now, if you are celebrating your wedding in the evening, intersperse curtains of paper hearts with lights draped over the trees. The effect will look beautiful!

7. Lights

Signs in luminous boxes are trendy and so are the giant letters that are usually accompanied by hearts. If you want to surprise your guests from the first moment, choose one of these Led formats to install at the entrance of the reception. They can be, for example, the initials of your names with a heart in the middle.

8. Baking

Finally, in addition to choosing a heart-shaped wedding cake, which there are, you can also make a subtle detail through the cake topper, for example, if you choose silver or gold monogrammed letters, as well as a silhouette of the bride and groom in black acrylic. In both cases you will find very nice designs with hearts to keep the slogan. And what about the candy?If you want to flood your sweet corner with hearts, choose chocolates, cookies, truffles, marshmallows and caramel popsicles, among other treats with this romantic motif.

Beyond the decoration, you will also find wedding rings with engraved hearts or, even better, complementary silver rings that, when put together, form a complete heart - ideal for the bride and groom who are looking for something original!

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