Ideas to decorate your wedding chairs: ribbons or flowers?

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Evelyn Carpenter

If you want to personalize with care every detail of your wedding and that the decoration of your wedding is one of the high points of your celebration, then you should pay attention to each wedding decoration so that everything is in harmony, from the color of the tableware, the types of floral arrangements, the altar, what love phrases to write in the thank you cards and even what chairs to use and how to use them.If you still don't know how to decorate them, here are two ideas: ribbons and flowers. You can put them together or separately, but the result will be just as spectacular.

Depending on the style of marriage

If you plan to have your wedding outdoors and with a country wedding decoration, then some wild flower arrangements will look perfect If you want to include ribbons, make sure they match the colors of the other wedding arrangements and do not fade, for example, jute to tie a ribbon in the center or to accompany the floral arrangement.

Now, if what you are looking for is imprint on the ceremony a more formal and discreet seal There are many options and it only depends on what the bride and groom want for their big day. For example, there are some who take care of even the smallest details, so they decorate the chairs, either on the back or on the side, small cones to throw petals after the declaration of "I do". You will see that the result is fascinating and super contemporary.

However, as the vintage style is one of the favorites, we can not fail to mention those unique details, for example, betting on some white chairs decorated with a simple heart of branches or delicate lace fabrics or pastel shades tied in the middle and hanging as if it were the tail of the dress.

Types of chairs and colors

In terms of types and colours, coated chairs have become a thing of the past and are now now they are the simple ones of palillería and Tiffany or the so called ghost The most popular colours for the bride and groom this season are white, gold and natural tones, made of transparent plastic, while white, gold and natural tones are the most chosen by the bride and groom.

As you can see, the alternatives are endless when it comes to decorating wedding chairs, especially with natural elements The newlyweds' places at the banquet can also be highlighted with a special touch, for example, by betting on seats with white fabrics on the backrest and ties with flowers. .

If you like the idea and need some inspiration, then be sure to check out the following gallery with charming and very easy to achieve proposals Choose the one that best suits your style.

In general, it's all about adding a personal touch to the celebration, with something as simple as the seating. Even if the wedding dress gets all the attention, taking care of the details will make your wedding ring pose even more special. In fact, the photos in your wedding album will remind you of them.

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