How to plan an Express Marriage in 3 months

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Evelyn Carpenter

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Although couples usually take about a year to arrange a marriage, there are some who must do it in less time for various reasons, whether it is a move to another country, the early birth of a child, or simply because they don't want to wait any longer to formalize the bond.

If this is your case and you have only three months ahead of you to plan everything, from the wedding decoration, to choosing the banquet and buying the wedding dress or suit, relax, because you are sure to succeed.

It may not be a 100 percent personalized wedding because you don't have the time, but you will see that you will still be able to have the wedding you always dreamed of. Take note of the following tasks that you should accomplish each month to make the organization a success. We invite you to make a useful and practical to-do list!

Tasks for the first month

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  • Decide date and type: Since you are up against time, the first thing you should fix is the date to start planning and the type of liaison you wish to perform; religious or civil ceremony, massive or intimate, day or night, in the city or in the countryside, etcetera. The budget will also depend on this they must have.
  • Make the guest list: Once the basics have been outlined, it's time to move on to the guest list. And that's because the number of people will be decisive in the choice of the place to celebrate the marriage as well as in the choice of the budget distribution for the wedding decorations and the rest of the items.
  • Confirm location: Due to availability of dates, you must define as soon as possible where to get married If you were lucky with the church and you have already booked your time, then continue renting the event center, hotel or restaurant where you want to have the party. Of course, you should be prepared in case the hall you liked so much is already occupied. For the same reason, have more than one alternative at hand .
  • Announce the marriage: Don't wait any longer and just have the first three points crossed out, tell your family and friends the news Under express planning, save the save the date and just send the marriage certificate It is also very helpful to create a wedding website with the date, time and place of the wedding, as well as other details such as the gift list.
  • Choose witnesses and sponsors: These people will play a pivotal role in the marriage, so the decision should not be random In addition, depending on the confirmation of attendance, they will be already organizing the table distribution .

Tasks for the second month

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  • Processing documents: Review the documentation you need to celebrate your marriage and make sure you have everything at hand In addition, in the case of a church marriage, they must start with the premarital talks as soon as possible, as there are usually four sessions.
  • See suppliers: If you need to hire a caterer, DJ, entertainer or outside florist services for the venue you have chosen, you should start doing it now. Generally. this item requires a lot of visits and quotations Use our website and App to save time when searching for suppliers.
  • Choose clothes, shoes and accessories: Both the bride and groom should start preparing the attire they will wear on the big day. Remember that this process involves costume fittings for both cases, so there is no time to lose.
  • Hire the photographer: If you don't have any data and must start your search from scratch, then do it at least one month in advance. This will enable them to review portfolios We can analyze budgets and meet with professionals, without falling into the need to hire the first one they come across at the last minute.
  • Select music and others: Define the set list of songs you want to listen to at the different moments of the marriage. In addition, if you intend to show a video or surprise your guests with a special dance, it's time to get down to work.

Tasks for the third and last month

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  • Taking care of souvernirs: What will you give your guests as a souvenir? Even if it's something small you can not forget this item that is already a classic.
  • Preparing the speech or vows: They can collect readings, letters or poems with beautiful love phrases if they need inspiration. The important thing is that they are take the time to choose the right words.
  • To celebrate the bachelor/bachelorette party: If it is celebrated by some a fortnight before the marriage The most important thing is that it is not during the same week of the wedding.
  • Final dress rehearsal: No matter how many little touches or adjustments need to be made to the simple wedding dress or gown, it is always a good idea to necessary a last event a couple of weeks before the wedding.
  • Make an appointment at the beauty salon: With marriage just days away, you'll both need to keep your color or length. Also, take this opportunity to see a manicurist In the case of the bride, she should also ask for an appointment for an appointment with the have the final hair and make-up test .
  • Check last details: Finally, review with list in hand every single item and make sure that everything is running smoothly, so that in case of any eventuality you will have time to react. For example, if you had forgotten thank you cards, they will be able to design them. quickly over the Internet.

It may seem like a lot of work for so little time, however, if you are organized and collaborative, you will be able to pull off the wedding you have always dreamed of. The love phrases in the ceremony and details like the wedding cake will be a reflection of the dedication and love of this stage. Your guests will thank you!

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Evelyn Carpenter is the author of the best-selling book, All you need for your marriage. A Marriage guide. She has been married for over 25 years and has helped countless couples build successful marriages. Evelyn is a sought after speaker and relationship expert, and has been featured in various media outlets including Fox News, Huffington Post, and more.