7 tips for adding a winter touch to your wedding decorations

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Evelyn Carpenter


In addition to adapting the groom's suit and wedding dress to this cold season, you will find plenty of inspiration when it comes to setting up your wedding decorations in winter. For example, opt for wooden furniture, rugs and dim lights, among other elements that will give a warm and romantic touch to your big day. Take note of these ideas and celebrate your silver wedding rings with themost beautiful backdrop you can imagine.

1. Tablecloths

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You'll add a wintry feel to your marriage if you lean towards for velvet tablecloths for the banquet tables This is an elegant and very soft to the touch fleecy fabric, which you can choose in navy blue, burgundy, purple or chocolate brown, among other seasonal colours. However, if you prefer to leave the wooden tables bare, to give them a more rustic touch, a table runner in pine green or emerald will look spectacular.

2. Crockery and glassware

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The glass, as well as the golden and silver sparkles These are also part of a winter decoration, which you can materialize in the plates, cutlery and glasses you choose to set the tables, giving your banquet a touch of elegance and glamour, which you can counteract by placing a fresh olive branch on each plate.

3. Candles


Candles are a must in a winter wedding setting. You can use them to mark out pathways, as centerpieces, to line the dance floor, as hanging ornaments, to decorate the sweetheart table and to mark the steps of a staircase, among other ideas. Candles in paper bags, floating candles, candles in candelabras, candles in bird cages, tea lights and candles in lanterns are just a few of the formats you can use. Whichever one you choose, you will create an intimate and cosy atmosphere. .

4. Centerpieces

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In addition to candles, you will find many options for winter-inspired wedding centerpieces, for example, vases with pampas grass, jars with paniculata, pine cones, vintage candlesticks, cups with preserved flowers and glass jars with coarse salt and dry twigs Although they are not as colorful as spring flowers, seasonal flowers are equally beautiful. Among them are the pansies, hydrangeas, chrysanthemums, marigolds, daffodils, and violets .

Other arrangements

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There are many more wedding decorations that you can use to decorate a celebration in the middle of winter, for example, throwing dry leaves to mark the way to the altar, hanging umbrellas from the roofs, decorate chairs with eucalyptus branches and use raw trunks to decorate different spaces. The candy bar and the book of signatures area.

6. Lighting

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Another factor that will help you set the mood for your winter wedding is the lights, whether you exchange your gold rings during the day, in the evening or at night, the lighting resources will have to be there for sure. You can light the way to the hall with torches and decorate the interiors with cascading curtains of lights. You can also use light bulbs and neon signs to mark different places, such as the bar area.

7. Themed corners

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A winter marriage will also allow them, create diverse spaces to pamper your guests For example, a coffee bar with sweet biscuits and a variety of tea, coffee and hot chocolate, or an open bar with warm drinks such as White Russian or Baileys. In this way, between teapots, coffee beans and liqueurs, you can give a full winter touch to your celebration. Or, why not replace the lounge area with a cosy corner with cushions and blankets? If you want your guests to come downstairs and enjoy a drink in the lounge?If you want to take a break for a while, set up an area with armchairs, rugs and fluffy blankets for them to take shelter while they enjoy the wedding cake. You'll be surprised at how crowded this comfortable place will be!

If you're exchanging wedding rings in the winter, you already know you'll find plenty of decorating ideas, from dressing your reception tables in seasonal hues to decorating your bridal cups with plush capes.

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