7 stylish hairstyles for brides and grooms

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Evelyn Carpenter


The wedding dress, makeup, shoes and pretty braids may take center stage at a wedding, but that doesn't mean that the groom's hairstyle is unimportant. There are more and more styles that men can choose from and, as always, it all depends on the taste of each one and the type of hair they have.

Other factors that influence the choice of hairstyle for the bride and groom is the type of ceremony that will be held. If it is a formal wedding, it will be very different from if it is a more relaxed wedding with a more casual dress code.

If you're looking for the perfect hairstyle that suits your style and matches the rest of your outfit, pay attention to the following trends.

1. Long and messy

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For those brides and grooms who usually wear their hair long, one option is to let it loose and free This look is ideal for weddings with country wedding decorations, since it is about a relaxed and simple trend designed for brides and grooms who want, above all, to feel comfortable at all times.

2. Short and casual

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If you have short hair, it is not always necessary to wear a very elaborate hairstyle If the bride wears a simple hairstyle, you can also wear your hair in the same way, so you will complement each other very well. In case you have unruly hair, you can apply a little gel to fix it and direct the hairstyle in the way that suits you best.

3. Man bun

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It is called man bun to the bun that men make for themselves who have long hair; a trend for stylish and fashion-conscious brides and grooms. It is suitable for both day and night marriages, you only have to worry about whatever man bun neat This can always be achieved with the help of a good gel or wax that polishes the updo. Very important also that the outfit is up to the task and be as stylish as the original hairstyle.

4. Side split

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A classic look for the more conservative bride and groom. If your partner has chosen a princess style wedding dress to say yes at the altar, be sure that this hairstyle is the right one to be a couple worthy of royalty. The side parting is ideal. for grooms who have enough volume and with the help of hairspray and a comb, they can achieve a perfect result. The best thing is that it works for almost all face types!

5. High toupee

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A trend that never fails: The toupee or jopo, as it is also known, is one of the most modern alternatives among brides and grooms. The idea is to lift the hair at the front and fix it with a special gel, achieving a voluminous and stylish effect. This trend looks even better if the sides are shaved, as this way the contrast is more noticeable. As for the outfit, prefer a modern cut suit, skinny trousers and different accessories, such as a skinny tie or socks with a fun design.

6. Shaved

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For brides and grooms who find it difficult to have thinning hair The best solution is to have a shaved head. There's no need to go to the trouble of looking for hair remedies or special shampoos; in the end, the most comfortable thing to do is to accept yourself and believe the story, like Bruce Willis. It's been proven: there are many stylish baldies out there. .

7. Box and semibox

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For women there are many evening party hairstyles, but with this latest trend it is clear that for men there are plenty of them too. This style is so named because it resembles very much to the type of hair worn by boxers. : flush cuts that leave the face uncovered and no annoying strands on the face. A comfortable look you'll love .

If you already have the wedding rings and almost everything is ready for the wedding decoration, it's time to choose the hairstyle that best represents you. Remember that the most important thing is always your comfort.

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