7 signs you're growing together as a couple - completely identified?

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Evelyn Carpenter

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For many couples, the coronavirus pandemic has been a trial by fire. While some have had to live together 24 hours a day under the same roof, others have had to sustain their relationship long distance.

Some may have failed to overcome the obstacles, blaming the global crisis, but many others have come out of these uncertain times stronger and stronger. This is what distinguishes couples with a more unstable relationship versus those with solid foundations who do have the tools to grow together, regardless of the circumstances that surround them. What is the difference between a couple with a more unstable relationship and those with a solid foundation who do have the tools to grow together, regardless of the circumstances that surround them? HowThis is what the following 7 signs reveal.

1. They learn to communicate

As couples grow and consolidate, they develop their own codes of communication, even through gestures or silent glances. Also, knowing each other on a deeper level allows them to be able to communicate openly their feelings, desires, doubts and opinions, without the fear they once felt of not meeting their partner's expectations. Communication thus becomes a fundamental pillar in the relationship between the The relationship is based on the foundations of understanding, respect, honesty, complicity and deep love.

2. They admit their mistakes

If before they could sustain endless arguments, because both claimed to be right and neither wanted to lose, when they grow as a couple this stops happening. Certainly not conflicts or fights, but they do acquire the ability to recognize mistakes with humility and give the reason to the other when he is right. In that sense, the discussions cease to be a competition for who is left.The last word and, on the contrary, they become more and more enriching, even restorative.

3. They do not intend to change

When the relationship is not yet mature enough, one or both of you are likely to hold out hope or, indeed, invest energy in changing aspects of your partner's way of being. A sign that you are growing together, however, is when you accept each other with your different flaws and habits without judging, or expecting the other to become a person he or she is not. That's right,This does not exclude that each one can try to correct attitudes in pursuit of a healthier relationship, for example, softening the character or lowering the dose of addition to work, as the case may be.

4. They form a team

And even with all their flaws, couples who are on the right track seek to be the best versions of themselves. They encourage and push each other to achieve their goals. They accompany each other in difficult moments, encourage each other to overcome obstacles and, in short, move forward and grow together. Moreover, good loves bring out the best in the other person, enhance their qualities and enjoy their achievements as if they were their own.

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5. They cope with routine

Although many are afraid of routine, as couples become more established they no longer see it as a threat. On the contrary, if they are going through a monotonous period, for example, because the pandemic prevents them from leaving the house, surely these life partners will take advantage of the momentum to invent panoramas. From things as simple as trying new recipes, to dusting off board games.As bonds grow closer, less and less opulence is needed to enjoy time together.

6. Maintain details

That they grow and consolidate as a couple does not mean that they leave aside the reciprocal expressions of love. Therefore, another sign that indicates that the relationship is healthy and is on the right track of construction, is when they keep alive -and without meanness-, the surprise, the details and romanticism. Unlike what some people think, the signs of affection are not only part of the relationship, but also a part of the relationship.The first stage of falling in love, but they should accompany a couple throughout the relationship.

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7. The following are planned

Beyond discussions, confinement or possible economic problems that may arise along the way, couples who grow up together project themselves together too It's not about losing independence, far from it, but about looking to the future and drawing common goals, visualizing each other's plans and vice versa, and together continuing to write their love story. With ups and downs, no doubt, but totally willing and expectant to discover what the future holds for them. No matter what plans they make, ifFor these couples they will always be great projects and will excite them from the first minute.

The signs are clear when one partner sets the pace, as opposed to another who moves forward at a steady pace, so you will have no trouble identifying which one you belong to and, if necessary, you will still have time to put the right chips on the table and do the work necessary to build a healthy relationship.

Evelyn Carpenter is the author of the best-selling book, All you need for your marriage. A Marriage guide. She has been married for over 25 years and has helped countless couples build successful marriages. Evelyn is a sought after speaker and relationship expert, and has been featured in various media outlets including Fox News, Huffington Post, and more.