7 original invitations for your wedding

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Evelyn Carpenter

I am made of paper

The bridal universe is constantly renewing itself and nowadays everything is possible to personalize, from the wedding decoration to the wedding dress accessories and even the gold rings they will wear. So, if you want to give a personal touch to your invitations, you will be delighted to know that you will find plenty of ideas and inspiration. Here are 7 different proposals that go beyond the ordinary.common.

1. Message in a bottle

It is about a very romantic and original way This bottle crossed the five continents bringing a very important message: our wedding", you can start quoting the text, accompanied by beautiful phrases of love to put it in context. The idea is to put some sand and shells in it. to give it that marine-adventurous touch. But this is only one proposal, since they will also have to use parchment paper and simulate a calligraphy in ballpoint pen. can give another touch to the bottle For example, by filling it with sweets and candies or by replicating the aesthetics of a wine bottle.


2. A crossword puzzle

In addition to the main objective, an invitation in the form of a crossword puzzle will be a fun quiz to find out if the guests know them well enough With questions about yourself, your family and friends, you should fill in the boxes. to find out the coordinates of the link But don't worry, if you don't manage to solve the puzzle completely, all the answers will be there. you will find them on the back of the invitation.

3. Prescription

Make it a complete kit! In addition to including the invitation with the information written as if it were a recipe. If you want to add a little bag of rice, a band-aid patch for the unexpected at the dance, an all-inclusive bracelet and a headache pill, among other ideas, all in a personalized tin with their names and a playful phrase like "the best recipe for the love sickness".

Marriage Parties

4. 3D Invitation

Would you like to receive an invitation with a message to decode So, don't rule out this 3D alternative, which consists of using anaglyph glasses (with red lenses to differentiate between blue and red text), the message with the coordinates of the marriage will be revealed. On the other hand, you can then use these same glasses among the wedding decorations for the big day.

5. Invitation in a transparent bag

At first glance it sounds strange, but in reality it's not so strange. Besides, if you think that the envelopes are already a bit old-fashioned Just like fondant wedding cakes, you won't find anything better than handing out the invitations in a sealed transparent bag, with the names of the guests on a small label. What's the fun in that? What right there may incorporate rice, confetti or rose petals. as a first appetizer of what will be this great celebration.

I am made of paper

6. Chocolates with surprise

Another good idea is to send a box of chocolates, in which, as they eat each chocolate, as the words appear together they form the invitation to the marriage. What could be richer and more original? And a second alternative is that the coordinates are written on the wrapper of a bar of chocolates, which they can then eat, obviously. In either case, will be a sweet surprise for your guests.

7. Part with map included

If you are lovers of the travel theme, you can use a small box designed as if it were a suitcase which, when opened, offers a map of how to get to the marriage, along with all the details of the invitation and some short love phrases like "every adventure begins with a yes". Inside, even, you can add a little detail like a polaroid picture of you with your signature and a "we are waiting for you".

You will surely make a difference if you opt for this type of invitations and if you accompany them with your own love phrases, so much the better! Of course, try to follow a line and if your wedding parties will be rustic, then try to make your wedding centerpieces rustic as well. The idea is that everything harmonizes and finally fits together like a cake.

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Evelyn Carpenter is the author of the best-selling book, All you need for your marriage. A Marriage guide. She has been married for over 25 years and has helped countless couples build successful marriages. Evelyn is a sought after speaker and relationship expert, and has been featured in various media outlets including Fox News, Huffington Post, and more.