6 suggestions for wedding favors for children

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Evelyn Carpenter

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In addition to handing out wedding ribbons, it has become a tradition to surprise your guests with a souvenir, and if there will be children at your wedding, it's all the more reason to give them a souvenir.

What gifts to choose? Although much will depend on their ages, the important thing is that they are not small pieces that can get lost, such as puzzles, or toys that can spoil the decoration, such as balls. Check out these proposals to pamper the little ones on your special date.

1. Bubble launcher

All children love to throw bubbles, and even more so, if they can do it in a large space and sharing with other small ones So, if they're looking for a simple souvenir, they'll be happy with a soap bubble launcher, which they can refill at home.

In addition, the kids will have fun blowing bubbles throughout the wedding, which will also be a relief for the parents. In the market you will find several options of bubble launchers with cartoons and children's characters.

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2. Cuddly toys

Another proposal is to give them some cuddly stuffed animals, either all the same or different, as you see fit. How to make the delivery more entertaining? You can place them all in a basket and put up a sign that says "adopt a friend". One idea is to have them choose only stuffed dogs or only monkeys so the children don't fight.

3. Sweets

Sweets never fail and will keep all the little ones happy, too, there are many eye-catching formats to mount them They can mix candies, gummies, chocolates, cookies, almond eggs and even cereal bars, among other varieties.

However, so that they don't eat too many sweets, this proposal is only recommended if they don't have a Candy Bar, otherwise, it will be enough sugar if you add the wedding cake and desserts.

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4. Personalized bowls

If there are not many who will be attending your marriage A good idea is to order or personalize your own mugs with their names (of the children), their photos or a special design. This way they will also feel part of the celebration and, by the way, they will have a nice souvenir of the wedding that they can use every day. Unlike the previous ones, the mugs can be given to them at the end of the celebration.

5. Coloring kits

And if you are looking for something to entertain the mini guests during the wedding, how about a non-woven (non-woven fabric) case with drawings to color with crayons, as they are made with this material, are ideal for children to paint And, because of the size, they can do it comfortably on their tables. So, with the case and some crayons, the kids will have enough fun and will be able to take their finished souvenir home with them.

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6. Yo-Yos

Finally, a safe bet will be to give them a nice yo-yo, either wooden, plastic or with LED lights, personalized with a phrase related to the wedding or with an emoticon design, among other options. If you are going for emoticons, for example, choose all of them with different faces. The yo-yo is one of the traditional toys that never goes out of fashion. and that will guarantee many hours of fun for the little ones.

While souvenirs for children should be practical, gifts for adults tend to be more symbolic or emotional, such as plant seeds, so don't forget to label them with the date of the wedding, a phrase of love or simply with your initials. It will be a detail that your guests will appreciate very much.

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