6 styles of napkin rings for your wedding reception

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Evelyn Carpenter

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Once you have defined the wedding decoration, according to the place, time of the year and style you want to print in your celebration, you can focus on the small details, such as choosing love phrases to include in blackboards, decorate your wedding glasses and choose some ad hoc napkin rings. Haven't you thought about it?

Both cloth napkins, which are the most common, and paper napkins, usually with an inscription, need a special holder, at least to make them look more elegant and tidy. If you are looking for original ideas, here you will find X types of napkin holders for weddings.

1. Rustic


If you are going for a country wedding decoration, then a rustic napkin holder is what you should go for. You can use a jute ribbon to tie the napkin, or else, create an arrangement with olive branches, cinnamon sticks, pine leaves or dried flowers Even something as simple as an ear of wheat, tied to the napkin with a hemp string, will give your table a fascinating rustic touch.

2. Sophisticated

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Use a metal band to assemble your napkins. and you will get a very elegant and delicate detail. It can be made of plain metal, just as if it were a ring or with applications such as buckles, chains or rhinestones You can also use vintage-inspired brooches or tie napkins with pearl bracelets.

3. Practical


If you will be handing out a thank-you card for each guest, one option is to wrap it around the cloth napkin and tie it all up with a pretty bow. However, if the card is smaller, about the size of a business card, then you can put together an envelope, for example, of linen or fleece, and to assemble the napkins next to the card and even the cutlery. On the other hand, if you want to save the minutes, either for budget or comfort, use this same element with a double function, that is to say, in addition to napkin holder, to present the menu to the guests.

4. Thematic

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Themed weddings are ideal for personalizing wedding decorations, including napkin rings. therefore, if you are getting married on the beach, you can use seashells and starfish. tied to the napkin by means of a string; while, for a wedding with glamorous touches, can opt for a napkin ring with metallic feathers. On the other hand, if you're getting married in the middle of the Christmas season And what about using denarii if you are a faithful believer of God? As you can see, the options are many.

5. Personalized

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If you will designate the seats in advance, you will find several ways to individualize each guest through the napkin ring. For example, by hanging from the napkin a wooden clothespin with the name of your child The label can be made of cardboard, felt or kraft paper, depending on the style that best suits you.

And another option is use leather bracelets with name or maybe everyone's nickname, if you want to give it a more informal touch.

6. Natural

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Branches and flowers are a must in a wedding and they are always very welcome on the table, so if you want to give a wild air to your decoration, you will only have to wrap the napkins with sprigs of ivy or mint. On the other hand, if you prefer to print a more romantic and springtime stamp on it, then a napkin tucked between twine and some fresh flowers will look spectacular. The almond, plum or Japanese quince trees are especially beautiful and delicate for this type of arrangement.

Now you know that you will be able to personalize your napkin rings, just as you will do with your wedding rings, and you will always find a beautiful phrase of love or a particular style that you can use and that represents you in your essence.

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