5 empanadas to serve at your wedding cocktail party

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Evelyn Carpenter

Javiera Vivanco

Whether you will exchange your wedding rings at noon or in the evening, in winter or summer, the cocktail reception will be one of the most awaited moments.

Therefore, if you want to surprise your guests, not only with the wedding dress, dinner or wedding decorations, go for an appetizer that everyone will love: empanadas! Whether in rustic or more gourmet format, you will succeed with this tasty choice.

1. Pine pies

Casona El Bosque

Although they are found throughout the year, it is in Fiestas Patrias when consumption increases This preparation, typical of the central zone, in its original recipe includes diced beef, onion, raisins, hard-boiled egg, black olives, chili pepper and a pinch of cumin.

You can offer them during the cocktail in their normal format, or in smaller versions, in the following formats You can also differentiate between pine empanadas with or without chili, and with minced meat, ground meat or shredded meat, among other variations.

It is a tasty and juicy preparation, ideal for tasting with a red wine. medium-bodied, preferably a Carmenere.

2. Cheese Empanadas

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Regardless of the date on which is the posture of gold rings, another recipe that can not miss is simple, but delicious fried cheese empanada They are also typical in Chilean cuisine and perfect, for example, to accompany them with a refreshing sparkling wine.

Now, while the cheese stands on its own, you can always add versatility to your cocktail by offering empanaditas with a variety of ingredients Examples include cheese/ham, cheese/mushroom, cheese/spinach, cheese/chicken/ciboulette, cheese/shrimp, cheese/olive, and cheese/tomato/basil, among others. All can be fried or baked.

3. Seafood Empanadas

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While pine immediately evoke the month of September, the pine trees cheese empanadas with seafood are perfect to bring back memories of summer days by the sea.

Delight your guests with a selection of empanadas that include a variety of seafood such as clams, clams, oysters, mussels, crabs, octopus, octopus, lobster or shrimp .

Seafood empanadas are usually fried in oil, although they can also be baked. To accompany them, it is best to offer white wine In both cases, these varieties harmonize with the aromas and weight of the seafood, while their mild acidity refreshes the sensation of fried food.

4. Vegetarian and Vegan Empanadas

Javiera Vivanco

Mushroom, spinach, corn, onion, chives, cilantro, paprika, carrot, chard and olives are just some of the fillings you will find if you look for vegetarian and vegan empanadas to satisfy all your guests.

Even if you want to offer a pine pie without animal ingredients, you can go for a pine from soy meat with onion and spices A medium-bodied Pinot Noir with earthy notes will be a perfect pairing for vegan or vegetarian empanadas.

The same blackboards on which they will write beautiful love phrases, for example, can also be used to write down the ingredients of these sandwiches .

5. Sweet Empanadas

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And, finally, if you don't want to wait until the wedding cake, you can include in the cocktail some sweet empanadas. Among them, some recipes typical of Chilean gastronomy mainly from the south, such as the empanadas (pies). stuffed with apples, quinces or pears With sweet and crunchy flavors, they must be accompanied by an aromatic and fruity wine. You will surely surprise your guests with these sweet empanaditas.


Philip Didier

If you are going for a country wedding decoration or with Chilean roots, you can't miss the traditional empanada de pino at the cocktail party, ideally. accompanied by pebre or chancho en piedra (pork on stone) .

Of course, empanadas in general can be adapted according to the type of celebration For example, the sweet ones will be very welcome at a wedding in the middle of winter, while the seafood ones will be ideal for a summer outdoor wedding.

On the other hand, can play with sizes and mountings Since they will be the first bites your family and friends will taste, take care of the quantity, but also of the presentation. Baskets, for example, are a good support for empanaditas.

After exchanging your promises with romantic phrases of love, your guests will be eager to congratulate you, but also to enjoy the cocktail. That's why you won't fail if you include empanadas, which can also be coupled with the wedding decorations, especially during the Fiestas Patrias season.

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