4 tips to add volume to your wedding dress

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Evelyn Carpenter

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The princess style wedding dresses are the most sought after by brides when choosing their bridal gowns, so every year bridal firms present a wide catalog with princess cut dresses, where the main feature is its bulky skirt.

But, if you already have your dress and you still you don't know how to achieve the volume effect, here are 4 tips to achieve it But remember to always consult with a specialist in the subject, either with the designer of the wedding dress, if it is custom-made, or with the specialist of the store.

    1. Add extra layers

    How to make a mock dress? Ask your designer or dressmaker to make a mock dress for you. add extra layers to your wedding dress skirt and try it on as many times as necessary so that you are completely satisfied with the result. You will get a suit with body, thickness and movement.

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    2. Add filler

    How can I fluff up a dress? Buy padding for your skirt in a specialised shop and add it to increase the volume of your wedding dress quickly and easily. The materials that work best for this purpose are tulle and linen, which are light, flexible, enhance volume and make brides look splendid. On the contrary, fabrics such as silk, cotton or satin are not recommended, as they not only do not increase the thickness, but are also much more uncomfortable and heavy.

    3. use crinoline or crinoline

    What do you call what gives volume to a dress? If you don't mind the idea of carrying around a huge rigid structure, then go for incorporating a crinoline or crinoline into the skirt of your dress. This classic garment, which became popular in the fashion world in the mid-nineteenth century, guarantees you extreme volume The peepholes are made of wire or metal rings and are available in different sizes.

    The easiest way to assemble a miriñaque is to place the hoops parallel to the ground, from the waist, fastening them with vertical ribbons. As a result, you'll be wearing an XXL skirt. If you are going to go for this option, you should try it on beforehand to see how comfortable it is and if not, continue with your search.

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    4. Use a fake

    Another option to add volume to your dress, is to add a false one. This garment is ideal, since it is incorporated under the skirt of the dress, giving it a much more demarcated "A" shape. But, how to make a fake wedding dress? First you should know that there are 3 types of fakes that are used for this purpose.

    False Armed

    Also known as false with frame, are those that have in its lower contour or just an elongated inner pocket through which is passed a plastic piece of 1 or 2 centimeters wide which, being rigid, gives the necessary volume. This type of false is light and economical But be careful, when sitting it usually rises up at the front due to its stiffness.

    Faux tulle can can

    They are characterized by having many pleated layers of can can tulle This fabric is sewn around the skirt, giving the effect of volume and, as it is not as rigid as the underwire, it allows a much more natural movement. For this reason, you will never have problems sitting down, nor will your dress lift up in the front.

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    Faux interlining

    The interlinings are used to give more body to lightweight fabrics and prevent the heavier ones from folding on themselves. This fabric has a lower cost than the previous false ones, so its durability is also lower. There are two types:

    • Woven interlining interlining: this type of interlining is made with thread and its behaviour is similar to that of the rest of the fabrics, which is why, depending on how it is cut, different effects can be achieved. It is usually made of cotton or knitted fabric.
    • Nonwoven interlining is manufactured by chemical processes by superimposing layers, without weaving process. As it does not have thread, it can be cut and applied in any direction, which makes this type of interlining less limited and more versatile.

    If you have never liked simple wedding dresses, on the contrary, you want to wear one with a skirt as wide as the one Lady Di wore for her wedding, then these techniques will help you a lot. Remember that it is best to get advice from an expert, in this case, the store or the designer who will make your dress, they can even advise you whether or not to use a corset with your wedding dress or what neckline.goes best with your style.

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