30 bridal hairstyles with tiara: Passion for accessories!

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Evelyn Carpenter

Once you've chosen your wedding dress, it's time to decide whether you'll choose to wear your hair up or down on your big day, as well as the accessories that will go with your bridal hairstyle. Have you already thought about it?

In the 2018 catalogs you will find a multitude of accessories. However, if you want to enhance your beauty with a distinguished accessory, the tiara is definitely what you are looking for.

The origin

The tiara is a type of crown that nowadays is still one of the most chosen accessories by brides. for its elegance and delicacy.

Its origin dates back to ancient Greece The bride used to wear gold or silver bands for important ceremonies or rites, among them, for marriage, being the bride the one who wore this accessory, because it was believed that wearing it was an omen of happiness and a symbol of protection for the new couple.

Of course, this custom belonged to the Greek royalty and, therefore, the tiaras were used by women of the highest rank.


This accessory is perfectly compatible with the different types of brides, as it can be used for all types of brides. there are many versions and made in different materials such as silver, copper, bronze, porcelain, wax and brass, among others.

The decoration, meanwhile, can go hand in hand with precious stones, metallic or natural flowers, rock crystals, inlaid studs, pearls, diamonds and rhinestones.

With all the looks

If you will choose a princess style wedding dress, then you will not find a better accessory. to complement your hair than a beautiful tiara However, this is not an exclusive accessory for romantic brides, as it is also perfect for those brides who are looking for a romantic wedding dress. vintage-inspired bride and groom The tiaras can be made with pearls or antique materials.

In the case of boho-chic brides a wreath with floral arrangements will become in the star accessory of your outfit while the minimalist ones will be able to lean for more discreet and thinner pieces And if you have opted for a country wedding decoration, a tiara with dried leaves will look spectacular.

As a suggestion, empire-cut dresses look especially beautiful with this accessory, while a tiara can be worn with or without a veil being ideal those of intermediate length.

The most important thing to do to put it correctly is to that the tiara is centered with respect to the chin and nose, so that the jewellery frames the gaze symmetrically.

Flattering Hairstyles

Tiaras are worn preferably with elegant updos either a high bun, updó or a French braid, as they allow the accessory to show off more strongly.

However, in order to those looking for a relaxed and natural style If you're going for a hippie chic wedding dress, for example, you can wear your tiara on top of a surfer wave and you'll look fabulous.

It is also an excellent option for brides with short hair This is not the case for women with a chasquilla, as the result will be a somewhat overdone look, although it all depends on the styling and the professional in charge of the hairstyle.

In fact, for the tiara to shine in all its splendour, the hairstyle to which it is attached must be should not be too elaborate and, in that sense, a discreet chignon will suffice.

On the other hand, if you have dark hair, it is recommended to use the silver tiaras with rhinestones or white tones while, if your hair is light brown or blonde, tiaras will be perfect for you. gold, cream and pearly tones.

And one last tip! Before you buy a tiara you should try it on to see if you can check how comfortable it fits you Also, once you have it, don't forget to take it to all your hairdressing tests, so you can try out the different options, whether simple or complex hairstyles, that you can achieve with it on.

Still not convinced? If you like to match everything in your look, then you could choose a tiara that shares the crystals of your wedding ring or the beading on your 2019 wedding dress. Since there are so many options, you won't have a hard time finding the exact accessory you're looking for to sparkle.

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