25 questions to ask in the Church

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Evelyn Carpenter

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Although they have attended many marriages in the past, even as godparents or witnesses, it is quite another thing this time to be the ones exchanging the wedding rings. Being the protagonists of the ceremony means that they will have to find out about the necessary papers to be gathered, the times, texts, type of mass, values, and even if it will be possible to bring their own arrangements.Walking calmly and happily to the altar dressed as a bride to say "I do" should be among the main concerns and not to think that day which of your guests will do the readings.

What to ask?


To consecrate love through the religious sacrament is one of the most beautiful acts that persists to this day for many couples and, as such, it deserves that everything turns out as magical as perfect. Surely this is what you are wishing for right now and, for the same reason, it is necessary that they have no doubt Regarding the procedures, protocols, availability of schedules, Christian love phrases to read and all that is involved in taking this important step in the relationship.

Besides, as the saying goes, "there are no dumb questions, only fools who don't ask", do not keep any query no matter how basic it may seem to you. Here we guide you with a list that may be useful to you.

1. How far in advance do I have to book the church?

2. What documents are needed to enter into the sacred bond?

3. What are the deadlines?

4. Are marriage talks mandatory?

5. What do they consist of? Where and when do they have to be done?

6. How much should one pay for the services offered by the church?

7. What times are available to get married?

8. How many people can fit in the church?

9. Is it possible to decorate the temple ourselves?

10. Is anyone else getting married on the same day?

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11. If yes, can we share the cost of flowers and decorations with them?

12. How long does the ceremony last?

13. Who chooses the readings and songs?

14. How late can the bride be without it being a problem?

15. Where will the sponsors and witnesses sit?

16. And if we have children, where will they be placed?

17. Can we declare our personalized vows?

18. In which sectors can the hired photographer move?

19. Is it possible to film the entire ceremony?

20. What will the music be like? Will there be a choir and/or an organ?

21. Can we take care of the music ourselves, for example, if we have a relative who would like to sing and play the guitar?

22. Is it allowed to throw petals and/or rice at the exit?

23. Does the venue have parking? How much capacity?

24. Who will clean up and remove the decorations afterwards?

25. Is there any post-marriage paperwork that needs to be done?

With all these doubts resolved, you will be able to focus on other important matters of your celebration, such as the theme of the wedding decoration -that is ad hoc with that of the Church- and choose the love phrases for your wedding vows. It is not little work to do, but there is nothing more special than sharing this process with the person you have decided to start a journey together.

Evelyn Carpenter is the author of the best-selling book, All you need for your marriage. A Marriage guide. She has been married for over 25 years and has helped countless couples build successful marriages. Evelyn is a sought after speaker and relationship expert, and has been featured in various media outlets including Fox News, Huffington Post, and more.