10 tips to get out of the routine with your partner

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Evelyn Carpenter

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Although routine provides a certain amount of stability, on the other hand, it causes relationships to stagnate, hence the importance of eradicating it in time.

And although it is more likely that long-standing marriages fall into monotony, it can also happen to couples who have been married for less time, but who have become accustomed to repeating certain habits.

How to break the routine with your partner? Check out these 10 simple tips to put into practice.

    1. Recover the small details

    From preparing a romantic dinner, without being on their anniversary, to going to look for each other by surprise at their workplaces. Or even simpler, sending each other a nice message in the middle of the day, even if they are going to see each other in the next few hours. Gestures like these are the ones that make the difference and help break the monotony.

    Look back and recapture those small but precious details that were expressed at the beginning of your relationship.

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    2. Respect their independence

    Although the advice on how to change the couple's routine points to a work between the two of you, it is equally important that each of you maintain your independence and respect each other's space, both professionally and recreationally.

    If you feel happy and motivated with your own existence, it will be much easier to infect your partner and permeate the relationship with pure good feelings.

    3. Implement new routines at home

    There are many ideas, so it just depends on the tastes of each couple. For example, some days you can enjoy a bath together before going to sleep. This way you can relax and reconnect in an intimate space. Or on weekends, if you never do it because of your schedules, have a relaxing breakfast in bed.

    They can also build a vegetable garden and start to grow their own produce, or exchange their own household chores. The aim is for them to implement new dynamics to develop at home.

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    4. Reopen the social circle

    Perhaps there are many friends in common that you have stopped seeing, with whom you only communicate through social networks. And even if you justify yourselves by saying that it is due to lack of time, force yourself to retake those ties.

    Whether outdoors or at home, organizing get-togethers with those friends will help them to break with the monotony of everyday life and their relationship. From something as simple as shortening the week by one happy hour .

    5. De-technologize

    Technology adds up in every aspect of life, except for face-to-face communication, so make a point of silencing your cell phones when you sit down to eat or, ideally, most of the time you spend together.

    You'll find that disconnecting will lead to new conversations, revelations and many more laughs, and you'll really hear each other if you're not on your phones.

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    6. Explore new hobbies

    If the marathons of series and movies already seem more of the same, look for new activities that you can share and enjoy For example, take a photography workshop, practice an extreme sport or go to karaoke bars.

    They can even develop hobbies without even leaving the house, such as learning a language through an online course.

    7. Set goals

    Planning your next vacation, remodeling your home, starting a new business, adopting a pet or enlarging your family, if it's something you've been putting off, setting new resolutions will refresh your relationship and flood you with ideas and emotions.

    Don't let monotony keep you from fulfilling your dreams or discovering new ones along the way.

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    8. Resolving conflicts

    Maybe they always argue about the same things and the habit has generated that they don't even care about solving them anymore. But even if it's about daily issues, it's key that they are able to look for solutions and to compromise one or the other, if necessary, but not to abandon the problem.

    If you do so, you will only be accumulating meaningless arguments, which will contribute even more to the wear and tear of the relationship.

    9. Reinforce the positive

    And while they are looking for solutions, it is also essential that they do not lose the habit of thanking and highlighting those things they admire about their loved one, complimenting them, flattering them, or simply kissing and hugging them for no other reason.

    Those small tokens of love, which tend to fade over time in most cases, are vital for a relationship to stay healthy and not stagnant.

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    10. Schedule sexual encounters

    Finally, although it may sound contradictory, scheduled sex helps to get out of the routine, especially when stress or tiredness invades you.

    By scheduling your sexual encounters, you will not only give intimacy back the place it deserves, but you will also be anxiously waiting for the day to arrive. You can even prepare yourself with a special garment or an playlist to accompany the moment.

    While routine in a marriage or courtship does not necessarily anticipate a breakup, it is always the healthiest thing to take steps to end it, from recapturing romantic details from your first dates, to planning what you want for your near future.

    Evelyn Carpenter is the author of the best-selling book, All you need for your marriage. A Marriage guide. She has been married for over 25 years and has helped countless couples build successful marriages. Evelyn is a sought after speaker and relationship expert, and has been featured in various media outlets including Fox News, Huffington Post, and more.